Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Today started at 7:30 with breakfast and a Marine Bio fish dissection. Not at the same time; breakfast was first. The dissection was very interesting; I enjoyed seeing how the fish worked and especially after all the lessons we had about it. We did it on top of the chart house, and the locals kept on giving us funny looks. After the dissection, we had a quick class then we got to go ashore. Everyone was very tired and just decided to stick close and hang out in the local coffee shops. I had at least four cappuccinos, but I saw people have way more than me. Lunch was leftovers from Thanksgiving, of which we still have plenty. I think we might be able to make it to Capetown on them alone. The day was very relaxing and slow. A handful of people went to the mall, but most stayed very close by, choosing to drink coffee and surf the internet. The weather is cloudy and a bit rainy, very familiar to some around this time of year. Tonight we have a leadership class after clean up. Then after that, I think everybody is going to bed.