Location: Vaiorea Bay, Tahaa, French Polynesia

We woke up to another warm day in paradise with excitement and anticipation for the six new students to come. After eating breakfast and cleaning up we had marine biology class to start of the morning. After class we had free time to sit in the sun, play cards, or work on some marine biology assignments until the new students arrived. Alex G greeted them with his newly acquired skill, gainers off the bow. We then got ready to change locations, and move to Tahaa. All the new crew members got a crash course to eating on passage and the cleaning duties involved afterwards. Once we arrived in Tahaa people practiced back flips and gainers off the bow of the boat while the chefs worked hard all afternoon to make a delicious stuffed pasta dish. At dinner, to make sure everyone is present we do a count off and today we no longer had to say 23, 24’s not here yet so we were all excited about being able to finish the count off and enjoy our first night together! For all 30 accounted for let the journey begin.