Location: Elba, Italy

Everyone woke up this morning to a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs. After clean up the crew then divided into two groups, diving and hiking. The open water students would be completing all of their confined water dives and skills today and the advanced group would be doing their navigation dive! During the hike the groups went up to a point on Elba where there was a church and an amazing view! Although it was a bit strenuous getting up to the top, one there, everyone felt extremely accomplished. When everyone was back it was time to pack away all of the dive gear and tanks back in the lazarrete as we will be sailing again tomorrow. This took the entire crew working as a team, and they knocked it out in record time for the first time packing dive gear back away. It really does show how much they are working together and becoming closer not only as a single unit but as friends as well. After a great dinner of honey mustard pork chops the crew is headed out for a night out again to enjoy Elba in the evening and get a taste of the Italian culture.