Location: Petite Piton, St. Lucia

Attack of the Sea Wasp!

Has it been 20 days already? Blog take 2 (Here we go again, LOL). Today was full of laughs, dives, class, and a little bit of chaos. The day started off with a great breakfast, zucchini bread made by the world-renowned chef Grace. And yes, same as the last time I went back for several servings. After breakfast, dive group 1 (Grace, Sara, Griffin, Doron, Casey, Ben, Eva, and myself) did our deep dive to 100 ft (30m), which I was a bit nervous about, but everyone ended up having a great time. The visibility was insane, and the descent was so fascinating.

The whole dive was so surreal, especially this one coral that was like a neon blue/purple. During the dive, we did one skill which was seeing that the color red does not show below 60ft (20m). For me, it was even cooler than I thought it would be – since I am a redhead, my hair was not showing the red, and it made me look like a brunette. The dive lasted about 30 minutes and was led by a local marine ranger, along with Ash and Heather (Nick also got to go!). After the deep dive group finished and returned to the boat, the second group (Jack, David, Clara, Lulu, ML, and Kiki) did their Fish I.D. dive. From what I heard, it was a fun dive with a lot of cool fish that some knew and some that were cool, but we had not learned about yet. After we had lunch, which was delicious, we had a class with Nick. For me, all I could think about was that I should have listened to my math teacher in high school when she said math will always be important. Though it was a very cool class about navigation. To end the day, we had study time, dinner, and dive group 1 went on a night dive. If I said the dive was easy, I would be lying. It ended with everyone dodging jellyfish tentacles like it was a minefield. I mean, these things were everywhere! They also hurt! Three people did end up getting stung, and water was boiled every 5-10 minutes to help soothe the pain. However, apart from that, it was an out-of-this-world dive. Even Grace (one of the sting victims) said it was totally worth it. Overall it was a great day. Signing off till day 59!

“There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, and may they always be!” – Irish Toast.

Dear Mom, Dad, PK, Ditzy, Gappy, Uncie, Aunt Nancy, and Uncle Richard. I miss you all so much, and sorry for not calling a lot – it has been so busy here! Though I am loving it, and St. Lucia is so pretty! Love you! PK loved your center photo, hope the play was awesome!