Location: St. Barths

After a moonless and rocky night passage, Ocean Star has arrived at the red-roofed inlets of St. Barths. While waiting for the “capitanerie” to finish their lunch break in order for us to clear customs, we anchored off the island. In the meantime, we began boat appreciation (B.A.), a full crew cleanup of our trusty vessel. This B.A. was extra exciting as mid-way through a mainsail flaking, we saw an impending wall of rain coming at us. As we were rushing through the mainsail drop, the squall hit us. Laughing and making the most of our situation, we used deck soap for a rare freshwater shower. Once the rain passed, we finished our B.A. before docking. Seeing as we docked outside of a Louis Vuitton store, you could say St. Barths has a very different feel from its more humble Caribbean cousins. Exploring the island, I came upon many expensive name-brand stores, gelato shops, and cafes skirting the edge of the harbor. Tonight we’re having dinner out at La Creperie and stopping by the bar where Jimmy Buffet wrote ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise, not one of my favorites personally, but a little piece of history that now we can be part of. With the different islands, sailing by the crew is trying to make the best of every new culture. Hopefully, I can stumble through more than a few words of French in these next few days of adventuring. Peace, Love, Seamester. Au Revoir.