Location: Terre-de-Haut, Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

It was another early morning for Ocean Star as we rose from our bunks to raise the anchor. Today was the day. All week everyone had been looking forward to and double-checking when we would get shore time. Josh was losing his mind in anticipation; his life could not go on any longer without good European chocolate. Although we expected to only hear French, everyone was excited to explore this new island. However, before we could hop in the dinghies, we had a quiz and lecture in Oceanography. The entire time everyone was tapping his or her feet in anticipation of venturing out into the world.
Some dashed off for snacks at the local supermarkets while others looked for clothes to prolong the coming of the inevitable laundry day. Both landing parties met at the post office, where the only functional ATM was located. Once again, the search was on. Rumblings and rumors of gelato and milkshakes buzzed through the group, such luxuries that we yearned for but had not found on previous explorations. Language difference was only a minor barrier; we were determined to overcome any obstacle between our goal and us. Pointing aimlessly at a menu, hoping it was what we desired, we were happy that lunch was properly ordered. Oh, the awe of baguettes for only one euro; everyone had one in hand, so you looked out of place without it. Don’t even get me started on the cappuccino and espressos; a body can only take so much instant coffee. It seemed this island had everything we could dream of. The crew got their clothes, snacks, exotic lunch, and beloved Wi-Fi. They connected with family and friends and downloaded new music or books. Once back home on Ocean Star, we settled in, doing homework that was put off to stay longer on a little piece of heaven. For dinner, we had delicious Indonesian garlic chicken with rice and homemade peanut sauce, then had the next video and knowledge review for our PADI rescue course before turning in for the night.