Location: Slip-a-way

Here it is, another final blog to end a great trip. I’ve said it before (and no one can stop me), so I’ll say it again: Seamester is not about the places you go, the certifications you earn, or the number of ice cream scoops you eat (though this last one is pretty high up on the list). It is about the people you meet and the laughs you had with them. We made a new business idea (can’t explain further for fear of someone stealing it), found out Ocean Star can survive on 12 5-gallon water jugs for a few days, determined Maddie is a radish, Caroline’s real name is C-Line, Kelsey Q can get a 100% on an EFR test, Nathan is a turnover, Mackenzie has the bathroom key, Jay wants to be a DJ, Kasey is the 5th staff member, found out Justin owns a duffle bag, Marls entertains herself with dog videos, Aurora is a mermaid, AK is a saltie, Allistaire can’t handle Harry Potter disses, Ellery is dating her dog, Ash is cooler than his wife, Tenley likes to wrinkle her clothes, and Sam does in fact know what a loop looks like. As for me, I figured out how the grey water pump works, what a cracked high-pressure hose to the watermaker looks like, and how to make exy’s pull cord function. We saw 19 beautiful sunsets together (some underway, some not), 2 gorgeous islands (Antigua and Barbuda), and felt the force of the wind in our faces as it propelled us forward. All in all, I think the whole crew would agree this 20-day trip was definitely 3-stars.

Video: 1 second from each day
2. My favorite from the trip of Wad drinking her ice cream
3. Us leaving the dock day 2
3. The crew in golden hour
4. Kelsey Q
5. Kasey Kazim
6. Smellery
7. Jay Beans