Location: Grand Cayman

Waking up to some pancakes with Nutella and syrup was the first moment of the morning, and I remembered that this experience is too good to be true. After clean-up half of the group sat in on student PSCT presentations that have been going smoothly the past couple of days, discussing various marine engineering features. During this session the rest of the students on board Argo that are not involved in PSCT dove a nice canyon coral reef roughly 100 yards from the stern of Argo. With 70 ft of visibility in 50 ft of water, the dive was the best yet. The reef was covered in fish including a large school of Jack. Diving through a cave proved to the group that we are advanced, and have picked up this art form quickly. Returning from the dive, the crew took showers and readied for dinner time. Eating cashew chicken with rice, we feasted; leaving no scraps for the fish overboard. Following dinner we had OCB with Faloon, where we learned about marine mammals and how endangered they have become. Next was the best part of the entire day- Salsa lessons, also led by our Science professor Faloon. I know, she does it all. Shout out to Watch Team 3. The lesson started out slow but as the group started to mingle, and get the muscle memory of the dance down, it became a fun thing to do before a long passage to Key West. We are waking up early tomorrow to get underway. Caymans, its been real.