Location: Navatu, Vanua Levu, Fiji

Shortly following breakfast/clean up, the Argo crew was ferried back over to the GreenForce camp, where we began our research dives and decompression lectures. With those completed, our day was open to exploration. Slightly after lunch, an optional fun dive was launched for anybody who was interested. After exploring as much of the surrounding area as possible, the crew and I begin our walk to the island’s resident village. On arrival, we were ushered into the community house near the top of the hill where the festivities would commence. After a long and quite entertaining few hours of dancing, we returned to the boat and gave the GreenForce a tour of our boat. Dinner was started soon after they departed, and following clean up, the crew reviewed our Night Dive knowledge reviews and began to gather our gear. As we returned from our night dive at around 11 PM, we were greeted with a hot cup of cocoa, which sent us off to bed quite nicely.