Location: Underway to Darwin

We set sail once again! This time to Darwin, Australia, on the northern tip of Australia. This will also be our last stop in Australia. Our trip will take 170 nautical miles, and we hope to arrive in Darwin late tomorrow morning. We left around noon after having OCE and passage prep. In OCE, we learned about different coastal plains and wetlands, which include lagoons, estuaries, and deltas. Passage prep went smoothly because everyone is now getting the hang of what to do in order to be ready to leave. After a nice lunch of pizza and watermelon, we had a quick cleanup that moved into a class of SLD. During this class, we listened to three presentations; one destination presentation and two how-to presentations. One presentation was on a card game called Meatball, which was actually really fun, taught by Rachael. The other presentation was a dance called the hypothermic dance, taught by Zoe. At 3:00 pm, we had deck showers, which were rather cool because of the breeze, but we practiced now taking a quick shower. My question of the day at squeeze was What historical figure is a role model for you? My answer was Winston Churchill because he knew how to recover from failure and became a much stronger person from it. I want to be able to emulate that by learning how to learn from my mistakes and know how to overcome them. We had a great fish taco dinner made by the chef crew of DJ Charles and Kevin. Everything is great here on S/Y Argo!