Location: MidAtlantic- 38.53 N 45.02 W

Another beautiful day in the deep blue was marked by the most exciting sail lesson to date, several pods of dolphins, a thorough clean of Argo, and an almost caught fish. Sadly, the sails lost their wind today, but the normal routine did not skip a stride.Dolphins. Spotted by the eagle-eyed first mate, careened towards the boat during the early morning watch.Later in the evening, another pod danced around the bow, close enough to be seen underneath the water between jumps. Argo continues to charge toward the Azores with clean bunks to contrast the sea-smelling crew. Students, including myself, dream wistfully of the assortment of snacks waiting earnestly to be purchased in the Azores.Hopefully, the coming night will provide another display of bioluminescence along with a dazzling sky. And perhaps, tomorrow, our fisherman, Ian, will be able to catch that tuna for dinner instead of crushingly losing it at the last moment. Until then, we continue to gaze out at the marvelous Atlantic and the blue, which sometimes blends seamlessly with the horizon.

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