Location: Tobago Cayes, St. Vincent & the Grenadines


Today was boom swing day. For those of you who think these are just two funny words put together, you are correct. However, we spent hours on the rope swing attached to the mainsail boom sheeted out over the water. One after another, we flew, belly-flopped, back-flipped, swung, and belly-flopped again over the turquoise H2O in the breathtaking Tobago Keys. We are currently anchored right next to the island where Captain Jack Sparrow was left deserted and discovered there was a hidden trap door full of rum, its pretty cool. We went to shore for a little while and played volleyball with some locals. Tonight we had a pin race and coiling contest; you could say it got a little intense. After that, we watched Around Cape Horn by Captain Irving Johnson, and let’s just say we are all so blessed to be sailing through this fairy-tale land.