Location: Underway to Bonaire

Today we left Grenada. I am sad because this has been my favorite country to date. It is a very beautiful place, with a European style architecture and feels. The crossing to our new destination, Bonaire, will take roughly three days. After breakfast, it was time for passage prep. This includes the usual things like ratcheting down the dinghies, prepping the sails and rigging, and making everything 40/40. We also had a new boat prep experience today, sending someone up the main mast to grease the track so the cars would slide easier. The lucky volunteer was Isaac, while I got the fun job of lifting his heavy body to the top. After accomplishing that, we had marine bio, lunch, and eventually got underway. We had our first underway SLD class, which was interesting. No booting occurred, which is a step in the right direction,, and hopefully, it will stay like that.