Location: Gibraltar

As we arrived in the Azores just about a week ago, we discovered that you could actually smell land from many miles away; and I must say that cow manure has never smelled so good. This morning we experienced that very same thing. As the sun rose over the Spanish hills to our left and the rigid Moroccan mountains to the right, the crew woke with excitement and stared at two continents in the same scene. We began to prepare for docking in Gibraltar by splitting into groups and completing a long list of “Boat Appreciation” tasks. While half of us were up on deck, scrubbing a week’s worth at Atlantic salt off of Argo, the other half was down below cleaning and tidying. Just a few hours after this epic sunrise, we passed through the Strait of Gibraltar, standing proud of our clean vessel and enjoying the views of both Morocco and Spain. Once it came time to pull into land, the crew once again divided into groups to help dock this 112ft beauty. Many people were responsible for guiding the fenders along Argo to ensure a safe docking while others helped tie her off. A huge shout out goes to Captain Ben for once again performing some form of a magic show pulling off some pretty epic boat skills. We then enjoyed the scenery, but more importantly, the stability of landfall. We are set to head underway tomorrow morning to avoid getting caught in some bad weather. With that, I am going to go enjoy looking at land while I can Goodnight from Gibraltar.