Location: The Med - 39.27N 2.27E

Today we left the still waters of Palma and set off for one last passage, chasing the vast horizon. Nice seems so far away, but time aboard Argo also seems to be speeding up as we get back into the routine of life on the water. The days are eventful, nonetheless! Setting off into the wind for the last time can be a daunting thought, but what really matters is the voyage ahead. What we’ve done so far remains firmly anchored in our minds. The experiences in the Azores, Gibraltar, and Mallorca keep everyone elated and excited about both what is to come in Nice and in the immediate hours of the coming and current day. Today Becki and Alissa both got into the spirit of the change from land to sea by setting up a barbershop on Argo’s stern. Now Chapman, Richard, Aaron, Nina, Tina, and soon more of us will have sharp new haircuts for the voyage. A fresh breeze floundered about us as we pulled up the main and foreword staysails, and though there is not any particularly windy weather predicted to come our way, we are still making good time. Mallorca waved goodbye to us as we slid by the towering cliffs and stoic rock formations. The Navigation Master test tomorrow seems to be an anthill compared to the beautiful scenery, and each and every one of us has our own theme songs playing in our heads, spurring us onward on our journey. What would your theme song be as you set sail for the curve of the Earth with land fading from view behind you?