Location: France - Villefranche

Today was a chic day for Argo. Argo sailed into Villefranche early in the morning and anchored in the beautiful bay. After finishing up some boat appreciation, we headed off in the dinghies to shore. Smoke was having a little trouble, but luckily, some nice French people in their dinghy helped save us, and so did Steve on the back from dropping off the first group. Once I got to shore, I was on a mission to find a fab crepe, and I found one! Soon after, Taylor, Alyssa, and I got gelato, went to a super cute French restaurant, and then went shopping. After a great day ashore, we all went back to the boat for ocean showers. Dinner that night was beef teriyaki, and it was yummy, merci chefs! Tomorrow we are off to Monaco, where hopefully, I can meet the prince! Au Revoir and Bonsoir!