Location: 2*23,235S 25*49.360E

The day started for myself and watch team 3 with dark and sweaty 3:30am wake-ups from the previous watch regarding foul-ish weather. (typical wakeup for that watch is 4:00am). A strong ocean wind of 30 plus knots was rag dolling the boat about the white caps as the two teams worked together to reduce the total area of the sails to produce more comfort aboard. From an outside point of view Im certain we looked like mad men as exhausted faces smiled and sweat through the chilling salt sprays.

The morning after about 50 percent of 31 woke with a good nights rest regardless of the nights antics, while the other half showed the affects of progressive sleep loss. The staff took note of the dilemma without it being vocalized, and gave us a two and a half hour study/nap time in replace of our second class. Some of us formed study groups, some worked on group projects, and some utilized the nap option.

We all enjoyed a messy curry dinner as the boat rocked around. Conversations echoed enthusiastic laughter, and dolphins joined the excitement towards the meals end. The squeeze question I proposed was to give yourself a self criticism. I followed with a deal for everyone to give at least 3, 1 to 2 word affirmations to varying people on board.

Courageous, Free-Minded, Cheerful, Creative, Hard Working, Kind, Resilient, Genuine, Patient, Supportive, Strong Willed, Real, Goofy, Selfless, Caring, Understanding, Fearless, Optimistic. Electric.

The light of day ended with Angie asking a single person the question: What day of passage is it? Answers pin-balled person to person. Who knows… To live to live in the moment.

P.Ss. Dereck, Dusty, Will, Jalen, Caleb. Stay up, stay safe. Love yall.

To Blood Family- Love and miss yall, thanks again for taking care of Bones. Headed to tha moon. You you you.