Location: Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Jason, our head chef, fed us three tasty Asian-inspired meals throughout the day, keeping the group well-nourished during a busy first day in Grand Cayman. Similar to our first full day in Bonaire, the crew split into two groups, divers and Cayman explorers. For the first time during the semester, we dove directly off of Argo. We did this for all three dives, which meant that everyone’s giant stride water entry was perfected by the time our afternoon dive rolled around. The reefs where we are moored are busy with life, which allowed us to see lionfish, jacks, wrasse, and many different types of corals and sea fans among other organisms. During our second dive, we practiced our buoyancy, which involved swimming through hula-hoops and underwater running races. Perfecting buoyancy underwater is not easy, especially for new divers; however, everyone showed tremendous improvement in their buoyancy control, which is incredibly encouraging as we strive to achieve our Advanced Open Water certifications. The group which went to shore was unlucky to have been ashore on a Sunday, during which not much is open in Georgetown. They managed to find a few shops, including a coffee shop, however, where they could do work and catch up with friends and family back home.
Highlights of the day include:
Diving off Argo not once but THREE times;
Seeing a 5 foot Great Barracuda;
Meeting our fish neighbors that have been swimming under the boat (horse-eye jacks and creole wrasse);
Warm tea between each dive;
Our first student-only dive (It went very well! We stayed within our dive limits and returned to Argo on time);
Seeing thousands of garden eels;
A hawksbill turtle sighting.
Looking forward to what more tomorrow has to bring!