Location: Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Today is the last day before we head off to the internet black hole known as Cuba. In the morning, we were woken up to Captain Ben Diamond’s delicious (and incredibly filling!) rice pudding. After that, we sat through Scuba Steve’s Marine Biology exam on major phyla. After we had worked our brains, our squad split into three groups: one to go diving, one to enjoy the shore, and one to go with Tina, our head chef, to fill up our provisions for the next 2+ weeks. I personally went with the diving group, where we discovered the largest lobster I’d ever seen, just chilling out in the middle of the ocean. After scuba diving, we then headed out to shore. We headed over to Rackam’s, where yesterday’s night out kids had headed out. We were served by a very kind waitress, Stacey, and had very good food accompanied by an even better conversation. After that, we walked around Grand Cayman, exploring some shops and attractions, before settling on the very nice Cayman Coffee Club. After a nice coffee break, we head back to the boat, where we did some preliminary boat prep, in readiness for the trip tomorrow. After that, it was time for a shower! Before, I had looked on in jealousy as others dove off the boat doing back-flips and whatnot, but not today! I had learned to dive yesterday, so I tried increasing my repertoire of diving tricks: Keenan and Orren particularly were helpful in teaching me the back dive and front-flip. After that, we enjoyed a fine dinner of chicken curry, when we were interrupted by a strange small-world coincidence: Oscar’s friend from back home, “Bubbles,” cruised by us like Penelope Cruz on a Pirates of the Caribbean ship. We all waved as she sailed off into the distance. Then we had a presentation on the history of piracy in the Caribbean, and went off to bed!