Location: Underway to Dominica

Today is the official one week mark of our Atlantic crossing! We started off our day with lots of science; watch teams one and two both had lots of flying fish sightings in the early morning hours. Heading into the afternoon, it started to rain a little bit, but the wind has still kept up, and we managed to even get up to 11.8 knots today! After a delicious lunch down below, our day grew much more intense as our game of assassin officially began. Immediately after lunch, targets were taken out, and nearly half of the crew has been “assassinated” now, only a few short hours later! Also, after lunch, the PSCT-ers of the crew had their first exam, followed by a movie on wave patterns and surfing for OCE class. The class was followed by a mini-BA to help keep our bunks at least semi-clean during the passage. A few hours later, we all sat down to another down below meal, where sneaky assassins took out a few more targets. We’re still making way through the clouds and rainy weather, and are one more day closer to Dominica! set date:2012-11-18