Location: Mayreau

Today we woke up for the 4th day in the middle of the beautiful islands that make up the Tobago Cays. After breakfast, we had an oceanography class, followed by an hour to do what we wished to do in the Cays. Then we had to get ready to do some sailing! But first, we had an open house bid on unclaimed items left on the deck, which Dan had cunningly confiscated. It was very funny! Once everyone was full of mac and cheese, we set sail. It was a great day for sailing, and Ocean Star looked her best sailing out of the lagoon. We did some tacking and put up the fisherman sail, which is always a task, but today, even more so. Stu, while raising the fisherman halyard without enough wraps on the pin, got overwhelmed by the pull of the sail as it caught in the wind and got lifted off his feet! Overall it was a great day, and we look forward to exploring Mayreau tomorrow.