Location: Young Island, St Vincent

Today was another great day. The day began with a Marine Biology class on the biology of sharks and rays. Everyone enjoyed learning more about some of the most exciting and anticipated sights underwater. Following this, we had our deep diver knowledge review for the advanced PADI course. We then kitted up and headed to the southern side of Young Island to dive sight Rock Fort. Here, we descended down a steep, dramatic rock face to about 40ft and then followed a gentle incline to 100ft – our deepest yet. Down at 100ft, we completed some tricky skills underwater – writing our full name backward and then playing with a cracked egg. It was a great dive, and there were some interesting black corals and marine life to observe. Following this, we headed back to the boat, and the shipmates headed to Kingstown to check out the main town of St. Vincent. Today has been very wet, a pleasant change from the blazing sun. Back on board, we had a delicious Mexican night followed by a scheduling meeting for the upcoming week.