Location: Underway

After a couple of weeks of seeing only each other, some orangutans, and a village or two, Singapore and the Straits left a strong impression on us. But once the lines were cast off from the dock early this morning, the focus was all Argo. As we approach our 6000-mile mark, the shipmates are getting better and better at everything they do. There is a growing effort to not merely do our jobs but to bring things to the next level. Meals are getting better, deck work is more thorough, final projects are being completed, and on-deck study sessions for exams are in full swing. Today as we departed from Singapore, the crew worked together prepping the boat for passage and completed the pre-passage checklist in record time. The sails went up under the leadership of the shipmates in record time as well. This passage will be a short one, which is nice as there is a bit of excitement to see our next destination of Terraganu.