Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Today we woke up to a breakfast made by Steve and Will. After a quick clean-up, the first group of divers was in the water at 8:30 for reef check surveys and Ratchet Point. This group was Reed, Monika, Will, Kevin, Trey, Beaker, and myself. Afterward, the second dive team, Steve, Carter, Beth, Al, Reese, Annie, and Mark, went for their reef check surveys. We all got back together for lunch, after which the first dive team got ready for a second dive at 1:00 at Superman’s Flight. The second dive team went out again, and we were finished diving for the day. The crew had a relaxing afternoon on board, and distant thunder, the fruit seller, finally came at 5. We had a delicious dinner at six, then an oceanography quiz, followed by a marine biology class.