Location: Saba

Today we rose early to prepare for some of the most extreme diving on the planet. Guiding our expedition below the surface was an outfit known as Saba Deep. Saba Deep was founded some years ago by a man named Mike Myers (not the famous comedian nor the notorious murderer). Their operation specializes in pushing the limits of recreational diving, but in a safe manner, as evidenced by their motto, “Down deep, we care.” We broke into two groups for the day. The first group dove in the morning, and the second group went directly after lunch. I cannot speak to the quality of the first group’s dives because I was placed in the second group. But I can only assume that their experience was top-notch because of the wondrous sights I witnessed in the afternoon group. Mike led the second group. He pointed out too many underwater marvels to name. We returned to the boat, ate dinner, and departed for the BVI.