Location: Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all throughout Argo we all were busy, there was no time to go slow. At first, it felt like any other passage. A few us up got up early to raise anchor and get us underway while the others slept, but Max’s breakfast signaled that today was different. Today was a dive day. Around 9, we made the site and dropped anchor. Between the well-anticipated diving and the dreaded Navigation exam, we were always busy doing something.

All in all, it was a good day. Our 11 open water divers got one step closer to their advanced certification with the completion of their deep dive, while the rest of us had time for some fun diving. Speckled throughout the dives in groups of 6, the 18 test-takers put our skills to the test during our Navigation exam – our MTE final. Then we relaxed on a pleasant cruise through some of the most epic islands to our new home for the night off of Phi Phi Don. After an uneventful anchoring, we had time for a well-deserved swim before starting preparations for our massive Thanksgiving feast. Just when we thought the excitement was over and we could finally enjoy a minute of quiet during dinner, we had a moment of panic when Bobs Booze Cruise made a beeline for Argo’s hull, but of course, our fearless captain Sam saved the day once again. With his bright shiny flashlight and super loud whistle, he successfully redirected the vessel. With the excitement over, we ended the day with a peaceful SLD class on group dynamics.