Location: Mayreau

With chef Curry in the galley, the crew’s morale climaxed at an all-time high as we enjoyed three amazing meals, leaving everyone a bit heavy. After delicious banana pancakes in the morning, the crew went ashore for some free time, where we walked the streets of Mayreau. Mayreau is a sleepy island with about 250 residents who were happy to share the island with Ocean Star’s crew. It was good to get ashore and hike up and down the steep roads of the island, where we enjoyed an amazing view of the Tobago Cays from the church on top of the hill. Maia received a new island hair-do as we all enjoyed the beach next to the local resort. After our shore adventures, we experienced our second meal of the day, consisting of beans and rice with some sloppy joe. After lunch, we all enjoyed a dive on the Purini, a WWI gunboat, making our new divers one step closer to their advanced diving certification. Following diving and showering, there was a nice 2-hour chunk of time to relax, read and admire the boats anchored around us before getting prepared for our last and final meal of the day, spaghetti and meatballs!! After clean-up, we had an MTE class and prepared for our passage to Bequia, which will begin in the morning.