Location: Roseau, Dominica

As the sun rises and the smell of bacon and eggs runs through the saloon and cabins, the crew is woken to Mr. Brownstone by Guns and Roses. The crew slowly crawls out of bed and on deck to get breakfast and hear the schedule for the day. Today consists of two dives with a company called Dive Dominica. After breakfast, everyone grabs their dive gear, and we all transfer to another boat that takes to the dive site. Today is different because this is the first time we’ve gone diving with a company on a dive boat. It also is the first time the entire crew is silent, and the only sound is the roar of the engine. Its either the fact that everyone is too tired from yesterday’s hike to talk or the views of the island are truly breathtaking. The first dive site that we stop at is a sea wall that starts out around 20 feet and goes down to several hundred feet. However, we only go to a max depth of 80 feet. The wall has all kinds of lifelike moray eels, lionfish, and several other species of reef fish. The second dive, we only go to a max of around 50 feet. This also has a very similar life to the previous dive. The cool thing about this dive is that in one area of the dive, warm gas bubbles up from the bottom. This makes it seem like we’re swimming in champagne. After the dives, we have lunch back on Ocean Star, then after that; we start to prep the boat for the passage tomorrow. We also make sure the boat is organized and presentable. Then once passage prep is complete, we have some free time to wander around Dominica. Some of us go into town to explore and to find some Wifi. Others just hung around doing work or surfing the Internet. We have to be back to the boat at five to shower and get ready dinner ashore and a night out. Cheers, and I hope all is well back home!