Location: Mo'orea, Society Islands, French Polynesia

The day began with the smell of chocolate chip pancakes wafting from the galley. Myself, not a chocolate eater, was not enthused, but my other crew members thoroughly enjoyed them. I was delighted with the start of my day as my coffee and apple were just perfect as I stared at the stunning Mo’orea mountainscape as I consumed them. After breakfast, the group split up between the students working on their Open Water Certifications and those of us already certified. While the Open Water Group had their exciting first dives, the rest of us went snorkeling at the nearby Cook’s Bay reef. We saw lots of sea life ranging from eels, to a shark, to even a sea turtle. When these activities were finished, we had lunch. Next, the Open Water Students did more diving while the remainder of us hopped on the dinghies and had some time on land. It was an eyeopening experience seeing the cultural differences in the small town on the island. Later, we all went diving. The Open Water Students completed another qualifying dive, and the rest of us went for a fun dive in the channel and on the reef. Once everyone was exhausted from the day’s escapades, we had a delicious red meat and pasta dinner a la head chef Ian and sous chef Panos. I never thought I would miss meat so much. Myself and many others stacked our plates not only for seconds, but also thirds. As always, upon commencing the meal, we had our squeeze, but with a special twist today. We took a moment of silence in honor of the Queen of England’s birthday to honor our English comrades aboard Argo. The day closed with our very first Marine Biology class. Overall, the day was fun filled with lots of laughter, learning, and bonding. I look forward to further personal growth and greater cohesion among our crew.

Pictured: Shots from our snorkel this morning; the crew going through the lunch line on deck; Tim taking some students to shore for shore time; Maddy and Cat on deck; views from shore time and folks hanging out on deck.