Location: Author: Ryn

Strawberry cheesecake muffins gave rise to a beautiful morning; the rest of which we spent diving around Pigeon Island. A statue of Jacque Cousteau from the waist up shared our dive with us as we explored his alleged favorite dive site. Unfortunately some vandals cut off his hand giving the OK symbol so we made sure to give him some extra love and pats on the back for allowing us to do such a cool dive! After lunch those of us who needed to do a research dive eventually got ourselves together and went diving for the sake of scientific data. It went exceptionally well as it was our first self lead research dive. Those who stayed behind worked on a Marine Biology paper from Matty class or other homework not yet completed. As the sun started to set, we picked up anchor and motored down the coast of Guadeloupe to a new anchorage called Deshaies. While underway we had seafood paella cooked by Matty and Danny. We ended the day with an OCB class classifying marine life with a dichotomous key using descriptions of specific organisms to properly label them.