Location: Saba

The morning started off with a beautiful sunrise and an early breakfast. Those of us Near Enough dwellers shipped over to Ocean Star at 0730 to meet “Big Mike” and the dive boat M2 to take us to a couple of Saba’s amazing dive sites. The crew warned us early that Saba would be some of the most incredible diving we would ever do, but we had no real idea until we got in the water and saw that they were right. Everything on Saba is bigger: the fish, the turtles, the lobsters, and even the island itself. The cliffs are much steeper than any we’ve seen thus far. Our first dive site was called “tent reef”. This was a beautiful wall that dropped down to 180 feet, though none of us went much deeper than 80 feet. We saw two beautiful hawksbill turtles, and some caught a glimpse of a black-tip reef shark before he made his quick but graceful exit past the reef wall. The second dive was at a site called Diamond Rock. By far the best dive most of us have been on. We were actually in two bodies of water at the same time. On one side was the Caribbean Sea, and on the other, the Atlantic. Many of the divers had never seen a shark before and were anxious to see one. This dive had enough sharks to fill everyone’s appetite. There were three very large nurse sharks and one black tip that we watched following a school of jacks. All around, an amazing day and two unforgettable dives.