Location: Diving

We started the day off early at 5:30 a.m. As I woke everyone up, they moaned and groaned but got up quickly to be on time for our sunrise dive. Getting ready, we were a little apprehensive about the cold, but the excitement about the dive was stronger. In the water by 6:00, when all the fish were still calm and unafraid of us, we all broke up into our buddy groups to test our navigation skills. Me and Travis saw a big eagle ray, a tiny brittle star, a big nudibranch, and a weird spider-looking crab among other things. The coral was awesome, and everything looked a little different with the morning rays just starting to penetrate. After the awesome dive, we were surprised with a rescue scenario and we had to save Maximus and Chris. This being our first “real” scenario, we messed up some stuff, but we learned from our mistakes and will do better the net time we are surprised with missing unconscious divers. W motored back to Port Vila and did another dive. We dove a huge wreck that was 100 feet deep and saw some pretty crazy stuff. As we were descending we saw some spadefish, and when we reached the wreck we were surprised by tons of fish. A big school of jacks swam around us, and we saw a three foot snapper. It was the best day of diving in my opinion and although we didn’t see any sharks in Vanuatu, our dawn dive and wreck dive made up for it.