Location: Mountain Point

Hellllllllo land lovers,

Today the students of O-Star had a relatively early start. We left Savannah Bay and had a quick motor on over to Mountain Point, where the students who needed to finish up open water skills got to do those while the rest of the crew hung around the boat. Once they completed their skills, those previously certified got to go on a shallow dive of a reef right offshore the island. It was pretty cool to see all the schools of fish, and on our way up, we even got to see a sea turtle. After the dives, our chefs Drew, Annie and Cara made tuna salad sandwiches which were complimented with Pringles and some carrots and celery. We cleaned up for lunch and decided that it would be a fabulous time to take a swim in the absolute bluest water I have ever seen in my entire life. Our crew of 16 were all jumping off the boat’s bowsprit and climbing it again just to start the process over. Robbie showed us all up and was doing pull-ups and flipping off the boat, and Whitney definitely got a 10/10 on the most graceful dive. After that we ate dinner which was also made by our chefs of the day, They made chili with rice, and it was delicious! We just now finished our Squeeze Question, which for those of you who don’t know, the skipper of the day gets to ask the entire crew a question. It can range from anything serious to anything funny. Today’s question was, “If you could be anyone in the world, who would it be?” Let me tell you; the answers were just about as strange as they get. All the way from Old Gregg, to being a Kardashian, to even Meredith saying she would want to be her cat. Things aboard Ocean Star are going amazing thus far, and we’re all super excited to see what the next days are going to offer!!

P.S Mom, I haven’t gotten sunburned yet. I know you will be happy to hear that.