Location: Antigua

After breakfast this morning, the crew climbed across the dock lines onto shore for some hands-on learning. Our nautical science instructors Boomer (captain) and Kyle (2nd mate) took students for a walk along English and Falmouth Harbour and talked boats. Walking along the water, the class made repeated stops at different vessels and discussed the purpose, design, rigging, engineering and maintenance. The discussions also ventured into a closer look at the culture and lifestyles in the world of sailing. Following the nautical science dock walk was “Kyle’s talk”. Kyle enlightened shipmates with a brief history of the Caribbean. Afterwards, shipmates were let loose to do as they pleased. Some took hikes and explored the old British forts, some shopped, some spent their time in bookstores and cafes, and some returned to the ship. Dinner was a delicious meal of Thai green curry and brown rice. Once dinner was cleaned up the day was finished with a marine biology class.