Location: Cocos (Keeling) Island

The day started with the impossible mission of waking up Argo’s crew. We had some cinnamon muffins for breakfast. After breakfast, we were getting ready for what we thought was time ashore when Timothy started shouting, “There are dolphins, get in the water, this doesn’t happen!” we all got in the water as soon as we could and swam along with a very curious pack of dolphins and then went and enjoyed some time ashore. Then we came back to Argo (saw more dolphins) and had some lentil wraps for lunch. And though we share a single heart, our brains have different levels of diving certifications (Timothy James Linsell, 2019). We broke up into those levels, and while the Advanced open water divers went on a fun dive, the Rescue divers had their final exam and Smash, and I got to take our new friend Liam (played by Tim) diving for the first time. The rescue divers then got to go on what was a “very professional” fun dive while the rest of the crew was enjoying what was our last free time ashore until we get to Mauritius. We ended the day by eating some delicious chili for dinner and singing happy birthday to Julia and some down below BA after cleanup. We are all very excited to start what will be the longest passage of the trip.

PS: los quiero juano pet y luzmita, ssp, hasta nunca soldado

I love you juano pet and luzmita, ssp, see you soon soldier