Location: Dominica

Alright so let me just start of by saying that I am not a big time blogger, so try to cut me some slack if you’re somewhat evil (aka quick to criticize). Anyways, the day was altogether a great one. I awoke with my watch team in rapid fashion around 6am and lead the vessel Ocean Star to a safe landing in Dominica. The next thing on every Seamesterian’s schedule was a good old fashion boat appreciation fest, which consisted of ridding the boat’s deck of rust and other time consuming activities. Speaking of time, I guess I’ll take some to mention we had a great lunch thanks to Al and his magical chicken salad sandwich recipe. So enough with the boring aspects of the day. Let’s talk about scuba. I mean come on now, it was like totally freakishly awesome bra. And if you don’t agree with my opinion about scuba, I’m not ya braa. Furthermore, the reason it was so sweet was because on the way to the dive sites our team had the privilege of seeing two sharks (maiko or hammerhead) and at the dive sites we got to see sea turtles, lobsters, parrotfish, seaslugs, damselfish, and octopuses live in action. I’m gonna try to wrap this up so after scuba we went over to some local lodge and had a feast fit for kings. Good night my friends.