Location: underway

Today was a normal breakfast at 7:30 am. Following our breakfast cleanup, we received our laundry from an amazing local named Pancho. As you may recognize the name, Pancho ran the show for us on the hike. After the laundry was dealt with, we hauled in our stern lines and made our way towards Antigua. Following our lunch underway was our review for our MTE NavMaster exam. The review was solid, as some students had things that were unclear explained to them thoroughly. MTE was followed up with OCE presentations, where students taught the class about the material they have been studying and mastering since the start of the trip. After 3 o’clock, some people continued to study, while others slept and some chilled out and played instruments that they acquired places on this trip. We continued our 120-mile passage to Antigua with dinner soon to come. That’s all from Argo today, thank you.