Location: Bali, Indonesia

Today, the radical dudes aboard Argo had a day to embrace their gnarly side and go surfing. After a brief but entertaining Frisbee throwing demo given by Grayson, we headed out to Kuta. Those inexperienced in the realm of surfing had a lesson given by the experts at the Bali Pro Surf Shop. We are happy to report that everyone onboard Argo is now able to hold their own on a surfboard, and I am pretty sure there are a few people who will be buying surfboards of their own once they return home. Those who were already confident in their ability to shred the gnar just rented boards and went out on their own but still were able to use the exceptional facilities at the surf shop. Yet, the shop does not do justice to the place; if forced, I would describe it as a tastefully designed beach lounge with a pool-filled courtyard. After surfing, most shipmates jumped into the pool from a first-floor balcony that had a section of railing removed. Some of the shipmates showed off their back-flip skills that have developed after countless bowsprit jumping sessions. The group then dispersed. Some hitched a ride with a boat boy to a nearby reef break for more surfing, while others explored the beach town, doing some shopping and eating along the way. Tired but at one with the ocean, the group has retired to anchor watch and bed.