Location: Durban, South Africa

This morning, we arrived in Durban after a fun, quick overnight passage from Richards Bay. On the way, we saw what felt like a hundred cargo ships and some really cool bioluminescent in the nice calm water. After sleeping in from the fun night, we put the boat to bed, which meant finally getting rid of all our trash that we’ve had since Mauritius. This also meant that the trash team filled up a total of five trash barrels, and the folks at the marina were none too happy, but it’s okay because we quickly escaped with Sienna’s speedy dinghy driving. We then put the boat to bed, covering the sails, removing halyards, putting away jack lines, and removing storm boards. An intense leadership class then commenced, in which a highly intense spaghetti tower competition took place. Unfortunately, the intensity got the best of most, and four of the five teams were disqualified for not building within the parameters. Marine Bio had an exam review game for their final exam, and it’s crazy how close we are to the end of classes! Tom returned to us with news that we might hop on the dock.

Everyone jumped to action with record timing, and we were ready to go; however, the decision was reached that the dock was too small. Vela was then re-anchored with fenders and lines put away in also record time. For dinner, we enjoyed some awesome Spaghetti made by Christian, Ava, and Ayden. Now it is off to movie night and then to bed so we can be well-rested to explore Durban. Siena, Lucia, Daniel, Lina, and Staff Allie are having a New Girl marathon with popcorn in the salon. Griffin is pretending he’s not invested in the show but is watching intently. Mother, I love you.