Location: Underway

Today during our morning meeting Boomer notified us about our distance from the equator which is about 39nm away, he told us that from here on out we are on official “equator watch” and when we hear the ships alarm we all have to report on deck with our bathing suits on and stand in a line on the windward side of the boat, I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans Boomer has up his sleeve. On a side note I had one of the best days of my life today, we had a dance par-tay in the salon due to the early symptoms of passage fever. I think we ate to much chocolate cake this evening due to the couple of birthdays on board. Other than that passage has been routine, my body has finally acclimated back to the watch schedule, where I feel 6 hours of sleep at a time is substantial enough for me to function. Also on this trip I have seen more sunrises than I have in my whole life. So much homework tonight, but can’t wait for the equator.