Location: Underway

Today began quite a bit differently for everyone aboard the S/Y Argo, as some woke early and sailed us across the sea with their watch team, others slept, and still, more watched dolphins swim alongside our hull through the morning hours. Breakfast cereal is always optional when underway, so the first time the whole crew is together is lunchtime, as we all muster in the cockpit to hear the schedule for the day and chow down, in this case, on tuna melts and fruit salad. The shipmates, myself included, sat through an interesting lecture on marine worms, learning everything from flatworm parasites to fireworms and colorful feather duster worms. We listened to Stephen, a fellow shipmate, instruct us on the power of the mind as he led a presentation for our leadership class. Dive class followed, and the crew split according to certification levels. For some, an advanced certification may be in the future, while for others, rescue diving certifications are on the horizon. Hayley and I, who are studying to obtain our divemaster certification, sat on the deck, and manned the sails while everyone else was hard at work studying the ins and outs of safe scuba practices. Deck showers followed, and afterward, the shipmates gathered in the saloon to do homework, cook, and watch a great sailing film, White Squall. I practiced some multi-tasking skills meanwhile, as I began to edit articles for our up and coming Telltale, a newsletter that our crew will post to the Seamester website a few times each trip. Dinner followed, and as the sun sets on another great day at sea, Watch Team 2 will take to the sails. Underway life continues on, with classes, sailing, and some always exciting crew bonding as we make our way further from Jamaica and closer to Roatan, Honduras. Excitement builds with each nautical mile as we creep closer to the beautiful Central American coastline and the unbelievable underwater coral reefs that we hope to dive there. Only 350 miles to go!