Location: Peter Island

After a long night of frantically doing chart work we awoke this morning sleepy and a little nervous about our MTE final. After a delicious breakfast of coconut and banana bread we started our MTE final, which was separated into three parts- general boat knowledge, tides and currents and navigation (which I feared the most). The final took all day for everyone to finish and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were thrilled it was over. Once we got Ocean Star ready to sail tomorrow (our last sail) we sat down for dinner. After dinner we motored to the dive site where we will be diving the Fearless tonight. Everyone, but Alex and I went diving and instead we had an epic dance party in the salon while making cookies. When the divers returned and after Alex and I jumped in for a quick swim, we motored back to GHP for the night. Once we were back on the mooring we ate cookies under the stars. Now that school is over and we have no more studying to do, the night is ours to do whatever we want. After a long day of finals we are excited to dive all day tomorrow.