Location: Saba

Today started off like any other, except it was our first time waking up to the mystical island of Saba. All throughout the night, gusts of wind had our night watchers on high alert and ready for action. Soon after the night came to an end, another early morning rose, and banana bread was warm and ready for our big hungry family. Realizing we had a big day to come, everyone got plenty of food and more. After we went over the game plan, we cleaned up breakfast and got ready for our big day of hiking and exploring! Taking our dingy, Irving, we got as close as possible to the rocky shore and made so-called navy seal exits. Then because this island is essentially one huge rock, it was time to climb the “ladder,” a steep staircase that leads to a town ironically named The Bottom. This was by far the hardest part of the day; however, exploring this island was all worth the extensive exercise.When reaching the top, many of us had realized maybe eating so much banana bread wasn’t the best idea, but we carried on. There wasn’t much onshore time since we had to be back in the water waiting for the dingy by 3:30. So most of us had cracked right down to it and began to explore! There were many fun things to do on the island, such as hiking through the beautiful forests and making our own glass beads.After again traversing the ladder and making it back to Ocean Star, we went over our diving knowledge reviews in anticipation of the epic diving in Saba.