Location: underway

Usually days at sea are somewhat similar, today however stood out for a number of reasons. It started early this morning when an aircraft carrier was spotted far off the starboard bow. The night before we were hailed by a French Coalition Warship requesting our particulars so we assumed this it. As we approached (of course keeping our distance) fighter jets started taking off from the flight deck of the ship. They all seemed to bank off towards Somalia but then all of the sudden coming out of the sunrise we made out one heading right for Argo. The jet swooped past Argo’s rig so close that it shook the entire boat and we could make out the color of the pilots eyes. The watch team on deck erupted into cheers as we enjoyed some cinnamon rolls baked fresh by Anna. It was nice to know those guys were patrolling the air. As the sun was setting we got our first glimpse of the African Coast. This marked our turn North to head into the Red Sea. For many, including myself, it was our first look at the dark continent. Needless to say it was an amazing way to spend a sunset. As the sun dipped beneath Africa we made our way into the straits and out of the Gulf of Aden. It was an unique passage that all of us will always remember.