Location: Somewhere in the Indian Ocean

Hi All,

Today was a bit different from passage as usual, we awoke to a wild sea state and lunch down below. Most of us spent the majority of our day down below catching up on sleep, attending class, and doing some schoolwork. Watch Team One however spent quite a bit of time on deck and were delighted to share in their wild adventures. Carly and Val got some time on the bowsprit re-flaking the jib while being smashed with waves, which was quite a memorable sail handle. The rest of us, while not spending as much time on the rolling deck, endeavored in our own fun down below. Whether that be catching the objects that took flight during rolls, watching Trey and Dylan slide from port-side to starboard, or desperately holding onto mugs and water bottles to keep them form spilling. All in All it was most definitely one of my favorite days of passage, and judging by everyone’s squeeze appreciations the next night it was theirs too.

1. Max and watch team 2 keep a vigilant watch for rogue waves

2. Robert rocks the helm

3. Zak stealing a moment alone to write in his journal

4. Martin slices some chicken