Location: GHP to Sandy Spit

With the stress of finals behind us, the crew of OceanStar lets out a big sigh. We have a few more days of the program to go, but that does not mean that we are going to stop doing amazing things aboard; in fact, it means the opposite! The morning was filled with an amazing hands-on’ science experience of turtle tagging. Now before anyone back home gets too upset about this, understand that this is in the name of science and researching sea turtles so that we can better understand this majestic creature and help protect it for future generations. The crew split into two groups and started trawling themselves behind the dinghies around GHP in search of sea turtles. Both groups found one early on, but it was Edouard who came up victorious after chasing the elusive turtle for 45 minutes. All of the appropriate forms were filled out for the BVI’s Department of Conservation and Fisheries. The turtle was measured and tagged so that if she is caught again, the data can be analyzed. The entire crew was ecstatic to have caught a turtle and to learn more about them with a live turtle right in front of their eyes. After releasing the turtle back to the sea, it was time for our final sail for the Fall 2012 crew of Ocean Star. With the help of Styx’s song, “Come sail away,” the crew got pumped up, and the sails flew up with amazing speed. The wind was up, and Ocean Star made great speed sailing down the Drake Channel. She was without a doubt the sexiest boat in the channel as all the other charter boats sailed past taking pictures of Ocean Star in all her glory. It was a great sail and a great way to end the trip strong coming into the picturesque anchorage of Sandy Spit for our last two nights. All around an amazing day aboard the lovely Ocean Star! set date: 2012-12-05