Location: Bali, Indonesia

It’s hard to believe that over 4000 nm, throughout 56 days can bring you to such an amazing place as Bali, Indonesia. Today was another wonderful day for the crew of Argo. The majority of the crew spent their day exploring the island by taxi or enjoying a continuation of yesterday’s surfing lessons. The evening though, brought a new cultural experience to all of our eyes. At 1700 we were picked up by three taxis and shuttled to a local temple. After the sashes and sarongs were handed out, we began our trek past the watchful monkeys to a temple that sits on top of a hill. As the sunset into the ocean view, locals provided us with a traditional fire dance ceremony. The dance and chanting men recited an ancient Hindu story. Following the stunning cultural experience, the crew headed to a local restaurant to enjoy a candlelight dinner on the beach as the tide began to roll in under the table.