Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was a very exciting day aboard Ocean Star. After finishing up some of the PADI dive videos and knowledge reviews, it was time for the new divers to try out scuba for the first time. Everyone learned how to assemble and don their gear, and took their first giant stride into the water for their confined water dives. Practicing mask and regulator skills was challenging but very rewarding. Those of us who are already certified got to jump into the turquoise water for a checkout dive. We warmed up with a soup lunch and then dove some more in the afternoon. After all the diving, we came back to the boat and hung out until dinner. A few brave shipmates climbed up to the crow’s nest for a birds-eye view of the islands. Everyone is starting to get used to showering in the ocean. After watching a beautiful sunset, we ate a delicious vegetable curry dinner. We then learned more about the boat and our responsibilities: cooking in the galley, plotting our position, checking the bilges, and using proper nautical terminology. Now we are ready for a good night’s sleep and are looking forward to more diving and adventures tomorrow.