Location: Tobago Cays

Today we had some free time after breakfast while Monica and I went with Chantale to collect data for her sediment project. Then we moved to the beautiful Tobago Cays. There we had lunch and then went snorkeling where we saw multiple sea creatures and fish. We first saw a huge octopus that changed colors a couple of times right in front of us! Then we saw a nurse shark hiding up under a coral face, some spotted eels, a couple of trumpet fish, and a stonefish. It was a day full of sea creature encounters. After snorkeling, we went to Baradel and explored the tiny island. Some of us hiked to the top to check out the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and horseshoe reef while Kevin went kiteboarding. Then we had a marvelous dinner that Beth cooked which was mangoes and sticky rice, vegetarian green curry, sauteed tofu with pineapple, and Thai callaloo. After dinner, we looked at some really cool plankton under the microscope, and now we are going to watch some Planet Earth. Today was a great day.