Location: Savannah Bay, BVI

We began the day with Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and scrambled eggs. After doing knowledge reviews, the crew split up into Open Water and Advanced Divers and took off on separate adventures. The Advanced Divers saw a turtle, but the Open Water beginners claimed to witness a shark eating a turtle in the 10ft of water they were confined to on their first dive. After preparing an amazing 8lbs of mac and cheese for lunch, master chef Grant and his loyal assistant Bill whipped up another few pounds of pasta – which Dave deemed “pepper with a side of pasta” (but it was really delicious). The crew took a much-needed saltwater shower off the side of ocean star and played a competitive tictactoe tournament, shouting X’s and O’s as Ben drew them with soap in his chest. We finished the day with an introduction to Oceanography taught by the one and only Beaker in the cockpit under the stars. We’ll all sleep in hammocks tonight.